A love in verse

The Kiss

Performed by

I feel magnificent – sixteen without the angst!

It’s something to do with  just had a kiss from you – 

Thrown off me dolour – Revivified, and thanks – 

To one fantastic kiss – your kiss is heaven’s cue. 

My cares retreat like rabbits when the farmer comes

You were so lit with life too, you called me to your side

You glowed, vibrated, craved  a kiss, now my head hums 

With pleasures of the present, what glories may betide

If through one fleeting kiss

A Weltanschauung may spring

Which makes the world all-wonderful

What will ten kisses bring? 


Boston Mass

And where Rose goes, who knows?

Right now I know she sleeps

When I’m spark out, she’ll be about...

The Queen of Brentford

Has anybody seen the Queen of Brentford?

She goes by foot… she goes by bus

She no longer has her chariot...