A love in verse

The Beautiful Team

Performed by
Tom Scurr

I love the times you call me a cunt

Though some might think it an affront

But I still bliss in knowing this:

Behind each cunt word is a kiss,

Each savage swearword hides a song

Of love to tell me I belong


Belong to the beautiful team called Us

Where there’s not disharmonious fuss

But realisation, and the fact

That our encounter was an act

Made in heaven, or something like

Where love’s in power and hate’s on strike


So, darling darling it’s no stunt

Nor are you being unfairly blunt

When you say (I love it) “cunt”


My 82nd

I gladly raise this glass of scotch

To my girl Allie Rose, my love

Who bought the bottle, certain of...


I sing an Edinburgh song:

Of love in bed all morning long

(We never made that lunchtime show)...