A love in verse

Reaching Out

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Allie, I’m reaching out, I’m reaching out. 

Here, Allie, hold. Hold my sinful hand.

My darling, whose touch I cannot do without

Whose hurt look or absence I cannot stand

It’s four o’clock gloom, the roofs are getting wet.

The skies are as heavy as I sometimes feel

But the heat’s creaking on. So much more to come yet

Trust in the Lord to whom we appeal.

Sufficient money? Time to breathe? A running car?

They’re gonna be ours! They are, they are, they are! 


The World Must Yield

You say back to me, at the window, 

Fruitlessly breathing out the fag

Whose smoke blew back into the room...

Signing On

Sitting  in the labour 

Where no-one’s very pally 

I try to love my neighbour...