A love in verse


Performed by

I don’t want to disturb you but

Nor do I wish to lie

And say I’m happy watching grey welsh

Clouds crawl by

(You’re kneeling in the garden in

That blue robe over black

Smiling welcome – oh, I wish that

I were back)

The Welsh skies weeping water, grey

As melancholia’s clothes

Mourn such separation is

Where such love grows

(Terracotta pots and leaves of

Technicolor green

And eyes as blue as no eyes I

Have ever seen)

You’re out by day, by evening I

And many nights apart

No wonder eyes less blue than yours

Often smart

Yet still you smile and still I love

And when we’re home we kiss – 

Oh love, so many, poorer far

Do not have this 


Moscow Nights

Moscow nights are minus one

Moscow days have lots of fun

A certain amount of painful fun...


Your bum is better than Venus’s arse

I dwell upon it constantly

Two rounded hillocks of real class...