A love in verse


Performed by

There’s all the plays I never wrote

And all the parts I didn’t play

No screenplays either I must say

In fact fuck-all of any note

The theatre world has not been stormed

Just one One Act plays have been performed!

Short stories, novels up the spout

Articles, philosophical tracts

Cultural expression acts

in funny ways – what I’m not out

of in the realm of literate art

Are thousands of poems from my heart

To you, Muse, inspiration, joy.

In bulk at least if not in skill

Of writing poems I’ve had my fill

But only cos it’s you who buoy

My verses up, to make me write

At all has made my poems bright. 


Her Last Return

I signed her last return today

The Alison file is empty now

With this last year she's over the brow...

Energy of Love

What people see when they enter our home

Is not a shabbiness, a bit of dust

The wear in carpets, evidence of rust...