A love in verse

Maybe Blue Skies

Performed by
Olivia Hallinan

I miss you love at evening time

On a day of endless rain

Out on your garden I gaze again

(Every bud green in the gloom)

And recall you in your prime

Gentle and eager, tending each bloom

Rains ended and the birds all sing

Sweet and tuneful, bright and alive,

Announcing to the world, “We thrive-

Though suns decline they will arise”

And asking, “What will a new dawn bring?”

Maybe new hope, maybe blue skies-

But never as blue as the blue of your eyes.


Grandson, 17 Months

When I think about Tom

I stop thinking

Where’s cash coming from...

Old Brentford Home

I see you solo in the shadowy house

You move from room to room, you stroke a cat

You listen to a tape...