A love in verse


Performed by

Brentford, old Brentford – means for me

My lifelong home, my angel-nest

My school, my pastime and, what’s best

My own loved portrait gallery

Pictures! And they’re all my Rose

In any room (at certain times)

Oh please see how my spirits xxx

When I see Rose’s lovely poses

Rembrandt couldn’t catch those eyes

Nor Raphael each luscious curve

Titian’s genius would not serve

To paint her hair (and Renoir tries) 

Perfection finds the Masters wanting

Darling Allie’s too enchanting.


The Kiss

I feel magnificent – sixteen without the angst!

It’s something to do with  just had a kiss from you – 

Thrown off me dolour...

Diagnosis Day Plus Ten

When the stars go home at dawn

And the moon shuts up his shop

When hunting owls caught on the hop