A love in verse

New Joys

Performed by
Thomas Coombes

If I had time and money 

I’d take you on a cruise

But lack of cash ain’t funny

And time is hard to lose

Come with me on a trip then

Around our treasured past

The wine of joy we’ll sip then

A vintage that will last

To Hampstead, Hornsey, Oldham,

And Brentford’s golden years

Such memories – we’ll hold ‘em – 

Good times outweigh the tears

The future though is waiting 

To give us more than gold

New joys now creating

While we stand brave and bold

With so much going for us

Cash thoughts won’t be a bar

I hear the Lord implore us

To value what we are

Two young folks going far. 


All the Future

First day of the month I drag

My body down the station stairs

Sunny but chilly’s the verdict...

The Bright Side

Reaching out across this day,

Missing you in every way,

I feel such desire to delight...