A love in verse

My 82nd

Performed by

I gladly raise this glass of scotch

To my girl Allie Rose, my love

Who bought the bottle, certain of

It’s good reception – she will watch

Her old man sink it happily

Simply glad to be with me


All the things I’d like to say

About her she just said to me!

While I embraced her strenuously

Such things she said quite blew away

My gladdened heart – she is so dear

Birthdays and always I’ll be near

To her till I am very old

Drinking her whisky, sweet and gold


Twenty Years Ago

Twenty years ago – this very time

What stage you were, I don’t recall – 

Cassie was on the way...


Umbrella, protect the precious head,

Shoulders that bare the care of many things

I love her! She holds all the strings...