A love in verse


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Remember that time we sat out

With coffee, doing lists?

Filled with contentment and without

A care? Gone in the mists

Of Time, that time, it’s further than the moon

Hold on – what? It was just this afternoon!

Another occasion in the garden too

You do the beds, I’m mowing the lawn

Marvelling again at how the pansies grew

And flowers glorious as the dawn

Will it occur again one day? 

You bet- tomorrow, that’s Sunday

My love, my love, how dare we suffer sorrow

With such mem’ries of today and tomorrow? 



A variation in your voice 

One decibel from your tender-loving

And I’m lost...


The breeze favoured me on Turnham Green 

Urging me Brentford-ward long before

The bus arrived. Air had a silver sheen...