A love in verse


Performed by

You’re as wise as you are pretty 

When you say to me “Let go”

And when I think it a monstrous pity

That time passes, it’s daft I know

For though I remember the girls dependent

Young and vulnerable and small

And have regret, yet they’re resplendent

Now, grown up, attractive and tall

And I still have their lovely mother

To grace my days as I grow old

And feel ashamed I want it other

Than what it really is: pure gold

Yet! I cannot but remember such things were 

Being of childhood things a connoisseur


All I Have

I don’t deserve fame

Nor the words “Well done”

Deserving only blame...

Life Blessed

The sweet-peas that she gathers 

Are destined for some jar

She walks the garden, scissors in hand...