A love in verse

End of August

Performed by

You lay on the bed, your words kiss my ears

Behind me you speak, resting in the heat

In the afternoon. The words my heart hears

Are drowsy and tender; looking over the street

The old walls are silent. Do they feel what I know?

Late summer, late afternoon, how the days go…

You sleep now and I’m framed by silence. A plane

Roaming the sky, a van hardly disturbs

A peace that’s half sinister, carrying a pain

That love, the clear skies, the good sun cannot curb

My days that are short I would spend all with you,

But you lie-in a while and my life is askew. 



I don’t want to disturb you but

Nor do I wish to lie

And say I’m happy watching grey welsh...

My Rose

The garden where you’ve been,

(My young, my evergreen)

Sparkles with the flowers you’ve grown...