A love in verse

Doing Plays

Performed by

Allie is a lass that must surpass

The highest hopes of lost man’s longing 

I’d long have been put out to grass

Put down by circumstance’s wronging

Constantly through direst days

Had I not met her – doing plays

We played together a man and wife

In a tale of grief and horror 

The author really turned the knife

With all that Sodom and Gomorrah

But we survived in love and ready

To kiss and hug and go to beddy

Which goes to show that awful plays

Can lead you on to happy days. 


Alison's Photo

No I don’t tire of her smile

Her face is new each time I look

Why she is merry- in my book...

Ancient Adoration

Eat me if you’re hungry

Burn me if you’re cold

Sleep on me if you’re tired...