A love in verse

Day’s Reprieve

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The garden settles in for the evening

The sun’s gone down behind the trees

The still light sky won't let the night bring

Wings of darkness on the breeze

But night must come – yet light or dark

Allie and Pete are still the pair

That gives the world’s soul its own spark

A team of lovers utterly rare

And now the day is taking leave

Westerly light with darkness spars

With your eyes’ rays a web I’ll weave

Of shining drops – in day’s reprieve –

And throw it on the sky for stars


Storm and Stress

Across the view the long wall stretches

Dark, but topped with lonely snow

Stark branches grasp a sky that’s low...


Whether for sex or comfort,

Oh, cuddle me! of course I’m like a child,

Look at me, big sixty...