A love in verse

Bus 391

Performed by

Hello, my light! The 391 is hurrying,

The trees whizz by the window and the air

(Conditioned) is quite cool – all’s well, no worrying

About our being apart – I’ll soon be there.

Happy I am! You’re extraordinarily lovely,

The whole of you’s a sweet, comely delight.

Now by the bus stop I tell the stars above me

Their beauty’s bettered, and I thread the night 

In trains and buses urging them to fly

Through star – and streetlight – I must kiss or die! 


Love’s Pride

The jobs, the seasons, come and go;

It’s sunny, raining, years go by.

You do not age and seem to grow...

Life Blessed

The sweet-peas that she gathers 

Are destined for some jar

She walks the garden, scissors in hand...