A love in verse

Bus 391

Performed by

Hello, my light! The 391 is hurrying,

The trees whizz by the window and the air

(Conditioned) is quite cool – all’s well, no worrying

About our being apart – I’ll soon be there.

Happy I am! You’re extraordinarily lovely,

The whole of you’s a sweet, comely delight.

Now by the bus stop I tell the stars above me

Their beauty’s bettered, and I thread the night 

In trains and buses urging them to fly

Through star – and streetlight – I must kiss or die! 


Another Light

If I don’t find you in the rain

I’ll send the rain back up again

The moisture of your mouth is better...

The Lords of Time

As fast as the day’s go down

The night lights up to newer love

The stars shine on no truer love