A love in verse


Performed by

Allie Gordon is my girl

Than her there is no better

She set my head in quite a whirl

That time she let me get her – 

Oh, long ago in ways most thorough

We sealed our love in Edinburgh

Each evening we ate brains

After the show in the Traverse Theatre

An aphrodisiac, none refrains

From shagging after brains – we let a 

Lot of chances go to see a

Lunchtime show – we couldn’t appear

Cos we lingered still in bed

Didn’t go, made love instead

So naturally we had to wed

Or else folks would be DIS-GUS-TED!



Lights everywhere – long lights along a road.

Gold globes around a common estate 

Small lights in high rise flats....


Time scowls, weather frowns, 

Nevertheless I hold your hand.

Though we were in different towns...